Office: 710 Snyder Street, Rantoul, IL 61866 Phone: 217-892-2100
Photograph of Chicago Skyline

Amerinvest International LLC - A Brief Introduction

Amerinvest International LLC, an Illinois corporation, is an investment holding and property development and management company with four affiliated limited liability companies located in Rantoul, Illinois, USA. Amerinvest International LLC and its affiliates own over 1 million square feet of properties in Rantoul.

The company is located in the south of Chicago, the picture is for reference only

These properties include 85 acres of contiguous land and 32 mixed-use buildings that originally cost over $28 million dollars to construct. Within these properties Amerinvest International and its affiliated limited liability companies have successfully refurbished and developed the following business operations:

The Meadowlands: 64-unit rental-housing complex

The Prairie Village: Retirement community for seniors

Amerinvest Rental Properties: Gymnasium, a theater, two medical/dental clinic buildings, and several multipurpose office and commercial buildings

Amerinvest Educational Properties LLC (AEP) and The Chanute Institute of International Education own and operate seven dormitory buildings and several training facilities used for local and international educational classes and programs.