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The International Student Apartment

The Chanute Institute is an international education and business training center developed by Amerinvest International, LLC. The Chanute Institute is developed on the legacy of the former Chanute Technical Training Base in Rantoul which was for more than seventy five years the national training center of the United States Air Force. The beautiful campus atmosphere has helped Chanute develop into a secluded, yet diverse community of enterprises. Quiet, tree-lined streets and much open space create an environment ideal for study and repose. Recreational facilities available to students include athletic fields, tennis courts, family aquatic/swimming center and two 18-hole golf courses. The Village of Rantoul with its shops and restaurants is just within walking distance.

The Chanute Institute offers a range of programs designed to meet the differing needs of international students, managers and other professionals in today's challenging learning and complicated business environment.

The Chanute Institute of International Education and its Programs

Program 1: Student Transfer Program

Student Transfer Program The student transfer program will provide an opportunity for entry-level Chinese and Asian college students to study for an Associate Degree course at Parkland College in nearly by Champaign, Illinois. It will prepare these students for subsequent university education. Intensive English training will be offered to those students who need it.

Program 2: Management Training Program

Amerinvest has established cooperative agreements with training organizations based in China to assist in the selection of trainee candidates who will be sent to Rantoul to participate in a six week program offered by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Eastern Illinois University, and Parkland College in Champaign County, Illinois.

Program 3: Topical and Trading Opportunity Seminar Program

This program will provide an opportunity for Chinese and other Asian executives to make short-term visits to the United States to learn more about American business operations and identify future trading opportunities.

Program 4: Joint Degree Program with American and Chinese Universities

Amerinvest has established cooperative agreements with a number of interested American and Chinese universities to develop joint venture academic degree programs. One of these is the Sino-American joint MBA Program where a selection of special students will be taught jointly by both Chinese and American university faculty in China and in the United States. Upon completion candidates will have earned a joint MBA degree recognized by both the Chinese and participating American universities.

Among those interested in undergraduate level educational opportunities, the Student Transfer Program has been very well received. Hundreds of students have shown interest, and several have applied. The Chanute Institute has agreed to enroll some of its own students, and Amerinvest is now gearing up for a surge in future enrollment.

New Initiatives:

Amerinvest Educational Properties and the Chanute Institute's primary goal have been to develop international education programs. However two additional programs not specifically targeted at international students, are also under consideration. It is hoped that these will encourage participation of American students from all ethnic backgrounds to stimulate a climate of cultural and entrepreneurial exchange between both American and international students.

Program 5: Test Preparation Site for GMAT and MMAT Exams

Program 6: American Student Pre-M.B.A. Preparation Initiative

We warmly welcome all students to the Chanute Institute and to our program participating colleges/universities.

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