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Cultural Arts Center

The international cultural-arts center is a program of Amerinvest Educational Properties, LLC and the Chanute Institute of International Education which is a formally incorporated limited liability company of the Illinois State of the United States of America. The fundamental principle and function of the center is to promote a better understanding and deeper appreciation between international cultures through organized nongovernmental cultural and art exchange programs and activities. Since its founding in the 1990’s the center has been actively pursuing its goal and has organized and participated in many exchange programs between international cultures. The center’s achievements are remarkable and several of its programs have won recognition and awards.

An art exhibition selected from the Yunnan Province of China
Curated by Dr. Yu Wang

An introduction to the exhibition:

The current exhibition, Beyond the Colored Clouds, provides a unique opportunity for Midwesterners to experience firsthand a group of important artworks selected from the Yunnan Province of the People’s Republic of China.

The online exhibition can be viewed by going to

photo of artwork
photo of artwork
photo of artwork